Nanoemulsions provide advantages for extract oil and active ingredients with low bioavailability by:
   ① Increasing bioavailability and reducing response time, dose and adverse effects
   ② Masking the taste of the extract oil
   ③ Producing translucent droplet sizes of less than 100nm
An emulsion is a biphasic system in which one phase is dispersed in the other phase in the form of minute droplets with diameter up to 100μm. A nanoemulsion is a colloidal dispersion form including oil and surfactant that can potentially improve the bioavailability of active agents. In additon to the main excipients, nanoemulsions can also include membrane stabilizers, co-emulsifiers, taste-blockers, pH modifiers, osmotic adjusters and anti-oxidants. The droplet size of nanoemulsions typically falls in the range of 20-200 nm. Due to their small size, nanoemulsions are transparent. 
A structure of Nanoemulsion
The four steps of nanoemulsion preparation are:
        ① mixing emulsifier and oil with a stirrer;      ② homogenizing to nanoemulsions;
        ③ sterilization by filtration at 0.22μm;           ④ quality analysis by a particle sizer.  
Genizer provides solutions for nanoemulsions, suitable for batch preparation from 25mL to 10L, or continuous manufacturing from 10mL/min to 20L/hour.
The full set of NanoEmulsion Systems includes:
       ①NanoEmulx:  Natural Emulsifier for nanoemulsions
       ②NanoGenizer: Prepares the nanoemulsions by creating nano-sized particles
       ③Sterile Filter:  Stainless online sterile filtration with 0.22μm size
       ④Nano Particle Sizer: Measures nanometer sizes with dynamic light scattering
Equipment Name Capacity Function
NanoGenizer 20mL-5L Homogenizing of nanoemulsions
NanoGenizer-Dual 50mL-10L Homogenizing of nanoemulsions
PilotGenizer 200mL-30L Homogenizing of nanoemulsions
PilotGenizer-Dual 200mL-50L Homogenizing of nanoemulsions
Genizer Online Extruder Laser particle size analyzer
Inline Sterile Filter Nanoparticle Analyzer
Equipment Name Capacity Function
47mm Sterile inline filter 20mL-2L Sterile filter for the nanoemulsions
90mm Sterile inline filter 50mL-10L Sterile filter for the nanoemulsions
142mm Sterile inline filter 200mL-50L Sterile filter for the nanoemulsions
Nanoparticle sizer Dual 1nm-10μm Analyzing the size of nanoemulsions

Solution for Nanoemulsions

Solution for Nanoemulsions

   ① High-Pressure Homogenizer
   ② Sterile Filter
   ③ Nanoparticle Analyzer


Recommendation for Nanoemulsions

Batch Recommendation
20mL-5L NanoGenizer; 47mm sterile inline filter; Dual Nanoparticle sizer
20mL-5L NanoGenizer; 90mm sterile inline filter; Dual Nanoparticle sizer
20mL-10L NanoGenizer Dual; 90mm sterile inline filter; Dual Nanoparticle sizer
20mL-30L PilotGenizer; 142mm sterile inline filter; Dual Nanoparticle sizer
20mL-50L PilotGenizer Dual; 142mm sterile inline filter; Dual Nanoparticle sizer
>50L Please request quote

While sonication is effective for small batch nanoemulsions, it is not especially suitable for processing large quantities of certain types of tissues.
The NanoGenizer, a high-pressure homogenizer, is able to produce nanoemulsions with the combined forces of microfluidization and shear. NanoGenizer maximizes particle reduction, speeds up processing and lowers the time and overall cost of production.
Not only can high-pressure homogenizers be used for large batches production of nanoemulsions, they can be set up as part of an inline process, allowing mixing, homogenization, sterilization of large volumes of nanoemulsions without interruption.
Genizer offers the NanoGenizer high-pressure homogenizer for preparation and online sterile filtering for sterilization of nanoemulsions without interruption.  In addition, Genizer also provides the light scattering particle sizer for measuring the size of nanoemulsions.

Nanoemulsion by NanoGenizer V.S. Sonication and High-Speed Shear

Nanoemulsion by NanoGenizer V.S. Sonication and High-Speed Shear
Description NanoGenizer ultrasound Sonication High Speed Shear
Strength ✔✔✔
Constant ✔✔✔
Particle Size ✔✔✔
No Metal Contamination ✔✔✔
Online to sterile filter
Temperature Control ✔✔✔

How to formulate the nanoemulsions? Mixing an emulsifier with an oil using a stirrer, homogenizing the mixture, sterilizing it and measuring its size.
How to homogenize the nanoemulsions? Homogenize nanoemulsions by putting them through a homogenizer like the NanoGenizer.
How to sterilize the nanoemulsions? Using a sterile filter at size 0.22μm.
How to measure the size of nanoemulsions? Using a light scattering particle sizer

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